Serving the City of Frederick, Maryland

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Storage space, who doesn’t need it? The bikes, the wading pool, your lawn and garden equipment, your patio chairs etc., it all needs space. The garage is for your car, not all the other stuff! We are pleased to offer many standard and custom styles and options to help you find the perfect storage space for you.

Myers Barn Shop is founded on traditional values and old fashioned quality. Therefore each building whether small or large, wood, vinyl, or composite is individually constructed by professional craftsmen to meet the highest standard of quality in the industry. Our goal is to build that quality Shed, Garage, or Pole Building for your specific needs.

Myers Barn Shop understands from ordering, through construction, to delivery, it is important to make sure the customer is satisfied and proud of their investment. Myers Barn Shop provides over 25 years of experience in the building industry and is committed to “Building it the way YOU want it“. That means every project that Myers Barn Shop ever does is custom built for you, to your specifications; floor, walls, roof, siding, windows, doors, trim and shingles; and by the way any color you can think of. We welcome your photos from your favorite magazine, we’ll build one just like it. We use all major brands and strive to use all premium materials.

Myers Barn Shop strives to make your search for storage structures as easy and friendly as possible. Please browse through our website and contact us with any questions you may have.