Well, first off, most contractors should be able to build this kind of a barn with out any problem. Can the workmanship be sloppy, of course it can. But I am a General Contractor with over 40 years experience. My quality IS my reputation. Therefore, I looked for quality with Myers Barn Shop and I found it quickly. The work was exceptional to say the least. My delivery date was reasonable, but I needed it sooner. They met my needs even sooner which helped me a lot.
The most important quality to any contractor is their integrity. I put a lot of stock in someone’s integrity because it is a rare commodity today. You will not find any contractor more cooperative, pleasant, professional and kind to do business with in this day and age.
If you do business with Myers Barn Shop, you can relax and enjoy the end results of their labors on your behalf. David and Mr. Myers are good people. I’m glad to recommend them to anyone.
P.S. David did a outstanding job delivering and positioning my new building.

Sincerely, Don Greenwalt, Greenwalt Custom Carpentry